A belated thank you to everybody who read and commented on the first installment, as I present yet another 15 tunes that made my year.

While we were treated to the art of the comeback from the likes of Mariah Carey, David Bowie, and Toni Braxton, new fresh-faced acts outnumbered them 7 to 1 throughout the entire list. Out of the 100 selections I deemed the cream of the crop, more than half the acts have either yet to release a debut full-length or did so in the previous year.


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So here we are again, 365 days, 52 weeks, and 3 blog posts later.

Originally touted as the year pop would make it’s grand comeback (see: Katy Perry, Britney, Lady Gaga), 2013 played a significantly different tune come the trail end of the year. The three aforementioned releases proved to be significantly underwhelming, a stark contrast to each artist’s earlier releases and left many asking for more.

Instead, we saw a new breed of pop fully emerge after much hype in 2012. Debut full-lengths from Haim, Sky Ferreira, and Charli XCX gave reigning pop princesses a reason to shake in their boots, VV Brown, Goldfrapp, and Little Boots springboarded back onto the scene with three of the strongest releases of the year, whilst spectacular efforts from Kelela, Tamar Braxton, and Ciara proved the art of R&B is long from dead. Girls Aloud broke for good, Kanye became a deity, and a 3-minute clip of two Beyoncé songs rendered most music released this decade useless.

Below are selections #100-#31 of my top songs of the year, with #30-#1 to follow soon, as soon as finals subside and my brain will let me write. Either discover something new, re-discover ones you may have forgotten, or shoot me a message letting me know how shit my rankings were this go-around.

More than anything, just treat your ears to something nice, if applicable, that is.

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Sometimes I get inspired. Most of the time it’s fleeing inspiration that leaves after a few minutes, never to be seen again. However at my ripe old age of 21, I’ve learned that it’s best I probably act on some of it before it’s too late/my body goes to shit. To combat this I’ve taken the time to jot down 50 things I should probably get done by this time next year. While I could possibly get through the entire list within the allotted timeframe, it’s highly likely I will forget about this list until late October 2014. Aim high and shoot low, everyone.

  1. Learn to say goodbye, pack up, and get the hell out of Boston.
  2. Say “yes” to life and “no” to carbs.
  3. Eye contact.
  4. Find a paid internship or entry level position in one of my concentrations OR find a new job.
  5. Get 3 pieces of writing (whatever that may entail) published.
  6. Resist alcohol for an entire month. This isn’t just for health purposes but to see if I can function socially without some liquid courage.
  7. Take a vacation that either lasts longer than one night (Martha’s Vineyard does not count) or requires me to fly on a plane.
  8. Get shamelessly hit on and enjoy every minute of it. (This isn’t hard. Rob Ford could hit on me and my ego would go through the roof.)
  9. Cross off everything on my “Places to go in Boston” sub-list.
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As we enter July, it’s common knowledge that at least here in Boston we’ve seen a lot more rain than sunshine. Looked upon by a perpetual overcast mixed with ever-lingering thunder, conditions don’t exactly have us running to the beach.

A slight chill, somber skies, omnipresent rain: Nordic regions immediately came to mind. Below is a mix created for either a rain-soaked workday or a calm weekend excursion; weather permitting, that is. Read More

It’s a understatement to say that I’m going to simply miss 30 Rock.

I’m going to miss Jenna Maroney’s unbearable diva antics and extreme lack of self-awareness, Kenneth Parcell’s blind, dim-witted loyalty to NBC, and my confusion that always comes with separating Tracy Jordan, often troubled star of TGS, with Tracy Morgan, often troubled cast member of 30 Rock. I’m going to miss perhaps the greatest strictly platonic relationship between a man (Jack Donaghy) and a woman (Liz Lemon) I’ve ever seen, but most of all I’m going to simply miss the way all of these elements seemed to blend together so seamlessly, making these past seven seasons one wonderfully weird hell of a ride.

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Well here we are, a painful, undertaking, two weeks later. After many re-writes, drafts, and dodged questions about why Jennifer Lopez managed to make this list, it is indeed time for my top fifteen songs of 2012.

I won’t bore you with more pointless words about how 2012 was a great year in terms of music (it was) or how I’m anxious to see what 2013 brings (I am), but I’ll leave you with the knowledge that these fifteen selections, for the most part, clogged up my Last.fm, most likely ostracized my roommate with my incessant use of the replay button, and had me proclaim that I was in fact, “screaming.”

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The Joanna
This friend is already pretty outspoken and due to them being insanely high on the hotness scale they can get away with it sober. However, get a few drinks in them and they’ll make or (literally) break the party. Some are happy drunks, some are horny drunks, but the Joanna is a prime example of an angry drunk. Alcohol is the clear cause of many of the Joanna’s problems and they should probably seek professional help, seeing as a few mixed drinks has them call things off with their partner, kick you out of your apartment, and take a few haymakers to the face. All in a night’s work.

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