Salut, Welcome, Hello.

I figured I’d give blogging a shot for a change.

No, not blogging, blogging. Something that I could put my name on that isn’t a Tumblr filled with melodramatic text posts of my lack of a love life and half-hearted write-ups of mediocre pop songs. Basically, this is the place you visit to view my attempts to write about things with any sort of journalistic integrity.

I’m not quite sure what this blog will be like quite yet. I’m not expecting this to be some all-encompassing, nuanced portrait of myself as some sort of artist or anything, but I assume in time it’ll become a space where I can jot down whatever comes to mind in some witty fashion; a flurry of nicely formatted musings about the current state of the music industry, adventures around the city, fashions that don’t suck, places that are on my radar, and various existential crisises I seem to be dealing with. Ideally people will visit it and say nice things like Hey Evan, nifty blog! or Nice going, kiddo. This doesn’t totally blow!

So yeah, here goes nothing.


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