Mixtape: Nordic Summer

As we enter July, it’s common knowledge that at least here in Boston we’ve seen a lot more rain than sunshine. Looked upon by a perpetual overcast mixed with ever-lingering thunder, conditions don’t exactly have us running to the beach.

A slight chill, somber skies, omnipresent rain: Nordic regions immediately came to mind. Below is a mix created for either a rain-soaked workday or a calm weekend excursion; weather permitting, that is.

Amanda Mair – “Said and Done” (Sweden)
Samaris – “Góða Tungl” (Iceland)
MØ – “Pilgrim” (Denmark)
The Radio Dept. – “Sleeping In” (Sweden)
Teitur – “One and Only” (Faroe Islands)
Matti Turunen – “Elokuu” (Finland)
The Sugarcubes – “Blue-Eyed Pop” (Iceland)
Skatebård – “Farver/Flimrer” (Sweden)
Susanne Sundfør – “White Foxes” (Norway)
Air France – “Beach Party” (Sweden)
Efterklang – “The Ghost” (Denmark)
The Bridal Shop – “Spectrum of Clarity” (Sweden)
Annie – “Back Together” (Norway)
Anoraak & Sally Shapiro – “Don’t Be Afraid” (Sweden)
NONONO – “Human Being” (Sweden)


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