50 completely doable things I should probably accomplish in the next year.

Sometimes I get inspired. Most of the time it’s fleeing inspiration that leaves after a few minutes, never to be seen again. However at my ripe old age of 21, I’ve learned that it’s best I probably act on some of it before it’s too late/my body goes to shit. To combat this I’ve taken the time to jot down 50 things I should probably get done by this time next year. While I could possibly get through the entire list within the allotted timeframe, it’s highly likely I will forget about this list until late October 2014. Aim high and shoot low, everyone.

  1. Learn to say goodbye, pack up, and get the hell out of Boston.
  2. Say “yes” to life and “no” to carbs.
  3. Eye contact.
  4. Find a paid internship or entry level position in one of my concentrations OR find a new job.
  5. Get 3 pieces of writing (whatever that may entail) published.
  6. Resist alcohol for an entire month. This isn’t just for health purposes but to see if I can function socially without some liquid courage.
  7. Take a vacation that either lasts longer than one night (Martha’s Vineyard does not count) or requires me to fly on a plane.
  8. Get shamelessly hit on and enjoy every minute of it. (This isn’t hard. Rob Ford could hit on me and my ego would go through the roof.)
  9. Cross off everything on my “Places to go in Boston” sub-list.
  10. Eat out less, and learn to bake, cook, or some other form of acquiring nutrients that doesn’t involve a cash transaction.
  11. Two words: male kimono.
  12. Mask my disgust for others riding the subway.
  13. Meet more cute boys. (But then again, I always want to meet cute boys.)
  14. Buy actual gym sneakers.
  15. Perfect the art of looking completely disinterested while still holding a conversation.
  16. Host one last “farewell” dinner party and get all of my friends drunk on my dime.
  17. Pick a routine and stick with it.
  18. Utilize this blog more often.
  19. Quit living on samples of Tom Ford tobacco vanille and actually spring for the bottle.
  20. Learn more Russian and tune up my French.
  21. Be less hard on myself.
  22. Stop using the word “turnt”. You are not Ciara.
  23. Learn that it’s okay to take a break once in a while.
  24. Finally read the gigantic pile of books that have been occupying my nightstand for the past six months.
  25. Convince my cheekbones to come out of hiding.
  26. Quit hatestalking people on Facebook because rage is not cute.
  27. Loiter in Barney’s.
  28. Stop yearning for certain things and start doing what it takes to obtain them.
  29. Treat my parents to something nice that doesn’t end up costing them.
  30. Pull off a hat and a tank top, but not at the same time because that’s just asking too much.
  31. Exercise that isn’t yoga for longer than 90 seconds.
  32. To quit second-guessing myself and learn to take risks because god damn it, you’re great. (This includes giving that fine Apple employee my phone number.)
  33. Define my personal style as “an identity crisis”.
  34. Watch my friends get married.
  35. Not get married.
  36. Marry Louis from One Direction (or at least cop a feel).
  37. Quit putting off things until the last minute.
  38. Learn that quality will always prevail over quantity.
  39. Spell “restaurant” right the first time.
  40. Punch somebody in the face.
  41. Voyage to the Shake Shack in Newton because I have severe FOMO.
  42. Get over said FOMO.
  43. Polish off my Netflix queue of NYC Prep, the final two seasons of Nip/Tuck, and numerous Brittany Murphy direct-to-DVD films.
  44. Find the password to my lost Gmail account from middle school.
  45. Have coffee/lunch/dinner with people who inspire me.
  46. Resist the urge to impulse buy.
  47. Be more interpersonal and to network more often.
  48. Define and tone the two toothpicks I call arms.
  49. Take a road trip with friends, preferably one that moonlights as an Icona Pop video.
  50. Graduate.

Do you have any other suggestions? Did I miss anything? Of course I did.


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