A belated thank you to everybody who read and commented on the first installment, as I present yet another 15 tunes that made my year.

While we were treated to the art of the comeback from the likes of Mariah Carey, David Bowie, and Toni Braxton, new fresh-faced acts outnumbered them 7 to 1 throughout the entire list. Out of the 100 selections I deemed the cream of the crop, more than half the acts have either yet to release a debut full-length or did so in the previous year.


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Sometimes I get inspired. Most of the time it’s fleeing inspiration that leaves after a few minutes, never to be seen again. However at my ripe old age of 21, I’ve learned that it’s best I probably act on some of it before it’s too late/my body goes to shit. To combat this I’ve taken the time to jot down 50 things I should probably get done by this time next year. While I could possibly get through the entire list within the allotted timeframe, it’s highly likely I will forget about this list until late October 2014. Aim high and shoot low, everyone.

  1. Learn to say goodbye, pack up, and get the hell out of Boston.
  2. Say “yes” to life and “no” to carbs.
  3. Eye contact.
  4. Find a paid internship or entry level position in one of my concentrations OR find a new job.
  5. Get 3 pieces of writing (whatever that may entail) published.
  6. Resist alcohol for an entire month. This isn’t just for health purposes but to see if I can function socially without some liquid courage.
  7. Take a vacation that either lasts longer than one night (Martha’s Vineyard does not count) or requires me to fly on a plane.
  8. Get shamelessly hit on and enjoy every minute of it. (This isn’t hard. Rob Ford could hit on me and my ego would go through the roof.)
  9. Cross off everything on my “Places to go in Boston” sub-list.
  10. Eat out less, and learn to bake, cook, or some other form of acquiring nutrients that doesn’t involve a cash transaction. Read More