It’s a understatement to say that I’m going to simply miss 30 Rock.

I’m going to miss Jenna Maroney’s unbearable diva antics and extreme lack of self-awareness, Kenneth Parcell’s blind, dim-witted loyalty to NBC, and my confusion that always comes with separating Tracy Jordan, often troubled star of TGS, with Tracy Morgan, often troubled cast member of 30 Rock. I’m going to miss perhaps the greatest strictly platonic relationship between a man (Jack Donaghy) and a woman (Liz Lemon) I’ve ever seen, but most of all I’m going to simply miss the way all of these elements seemed to blend together so seamlessly, making these past seven seasons one wonderfully weird hell of a ride.

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The Joanna
This friend is already pretty outspoken and due to them being insanely high on the hotness scale they can get away with it sober. However, get a few drinks in them and they’ll make or (literally) break the party. Some are happy drunks, some are horny drunks, but the Joanna is a prime example of an angry drunk. Alcohol is the clear cause of many of the Joanna’s problems and they should probably seek professional help, seeing as a few mixed drinks has them call things off with their partner, kick you out of your apartment, and take a few haymakers to the face. All in a night’s work.

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